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A few thoughts about the Roe v Wade ruling…

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Today’s ruling has me struggling with the following feelings:

  • Welp. You can’t say they don’t keep their word. These activists have been at it for as long as I can remember (I distinctly remember hearing about the SCOTUS and abortion as a kid in the 90s).
  • Damn, I’m tired of working so hard to help folks who are determined to fuck things up. Working for justice and equity feels like pushing a wet rock up a slippery hill. 
  • I’m desperately trying not to be petty, but I’m failing. Remember, we were told we were hysterical in 2016 when we said this could happen, right? (Use of hysterical is absolutely intentional.)
  • Fuck, this is going to impact Black and Brown folks exponentially more. EXPONENTIALLY MORE. 
  • I’m privileged as hell to live in a state where abortion access will remain and to have the ability to get healthcare as I need. So it’s now up to me to gird up to help where I can for those who don’t. 

But the #1 thought I’ve had is that THE RULING WAS BASED ON PRIVACY AND IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU THINK. We haven’t done enough to think about the downstream effects. 

It’s not only about what the court will go after next (according to Thomas’ additional opinion – contraceptives, same-sex marriage, and same-sex relationships are all up ….), it’s how this will be enforced. 

  • How EXACTLY will the state know you are seeking treatment? 
  • How will they know how far along you are (by the time you know you are pregnant, you may already be 6 weeks along) 
  • How will they know who helped you? 
  • How will they know where you went? How will they know when?  
  • How will they know how you paid for treatment? 

This ruling opens the door to incredibly invasive monitoring of your financial, health, insurance, and communication information. 

This doesn’t just stop at those seeking an abortion. Losing your right to privacy can now be applied to ANYONE. 

  • Want to get insurance and not disclose certain things (you know, HIPPA and all)? Too bad. 
  • Do employers want to decide what makes a “good” employee by peeking into your records? Sure, why not. 

Where will this information come from? There are a number of companies (including the one I’m writing this on) who will happily monetize buying and selling that information. If it’s not private by law, it’s open for commerce. 

Today we have lost a foundational right and may NEVER get it back. It is time to get in the game and DO SOMETHING. Support reproductive justice organizations with your money and time. Hold your elected officials responsible. Actively look out for, protect and support each other. Get very uncomfortable. We’re in for another long fight. 

Suit up. 

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Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

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