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Facilitation and Mediation


Bringing in a facilitator can help you and your organization have difficult conversations and make sure that everyone has a voice. Facilitation can be especially helpful when talking about sensitive topics or if there is an unequal power dynamic in the conversation. I’ve been fortunate to work with organizations of all sizes to help them better understand each other and their outcomes. 


Mediation is the process of bringing in a neutral third party to help two parties come to an agreement after a dispute. This can be done using a number of models and I choose to use a restorative justice model when engaging in mediation as I believe it does the least harm and has a higher chance of working for everyone. 

Is mediation right for you? 

Mediation may be right for you if: 

  • You’ve tried to work to a solution with another person/group and you’re not getting results
  • Feel too emotionally attached to the outcome of a dispute
  • Want to get an outsider’s opinion

What does mediation include? 

Mediation includes a 1-1 conversation with both parties where I figure out what is the underlying cause for tension, take notes on what each party wants to cover and what a successful outcome looks like to everyone involved. We then all meet together to discuss and get to a place of agreement (knowing that sometimes we agree to disagree). Finally, I’ll write up where we ended and thank everyone for participating.