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Photo of Caren sitting in front of her computer.


Are you not sure where to start? Is this all SO overwhelming? Do you have a few things in place, but don’t know how/if they work together? Let me take my background in Product to help you get from a pile of ideas to a scalable plan!

3 Black Women and 1 Black Man sitting at a table talking


Using a framework of restorative justice, I can help with interpersonal conflicts, walk you through difficult conversations and get to an amicable solution for everyone involved. Let’s all come to the table – together.


Each workshop is a mix of presentation, framed conversation, hand-on activities and defined action plans. Each person will leave the workshop with techniques, resources and next steps. Online workshops are also available.


New managers/owners/founders sometime struggle with making the switch from being a contributor into being a manager. Let’s talk about how to make that transition, be inclusive in how you lead, how to manage up and down and how to set your team up for success.

Daap: Diversity as a Producttm

Building inclusivity should not be limited to HR or Operations, but should be the part of your core philosophy. Join me as we work through building out initiatives using the principles of Agile, Lean and Human Centered design.